Greg Tharp - EP/Co-Founder

Greg Tharp, co-founder and executive producer at Hone, has twenty years experience as a producer, working in integrated commercial production, as well as, documentary, music video, live events, independent film, and studio film production. Prior to starting Hone, he was senior vice-president and executive producer at Deutsch Inc., New York, overseeing content production for PNC Bank and special assignments for Microsoft and Go Daddy. He participated in the highly publicized turnaround of Go Daddy’s advertising, producing the “Inside/Out” campaign launch and their two 2013 Super Bowl commercials. Read More

Matthew Mattingly - EP/Co-Founder

Matthew Mattingly is co-founder and executive producer of Hone. A producer with true integrated experience – his unique career path has included producing for large global agencies, boutique creative powerhouses, an EP role for an internationally based digital agency, and on the client side as a supervising producer at The Coca-Cola Company. Often challenged with producing non-traditional projects, his integrated experience and creative approach to producing has often been awarded and recognized in the creative community. Matthew was named Boards Magazine Producer of the Year in 2009. Read More

Laura Rea - Executive Producer

Laura Rea is an Executive Producer whose career spans nearly two decades in both New York and Atlanta with experience producing content for brands, agencies and networks. Prior to joining Hone, Laura was an EP at TRICK 3D and worked with Fortune 100 companies to create animated commercials as well as fully immersive, interactive 3D VR experiences. She oversaw the operations of a green-screen studio focused on pre-visualization and capturing live-action elements to composite into CG scenes. Read More